January 21, 2009

PH. I & II
Redmond, WA

Buchanan worked intensely with PSE on constructability and construction methods to bring PSE’s regional operations center in line with current regulatory requirements.   The facility is the electrical power grid operations center for the region, running at full operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

To maintain continuous operations, each detail of every task had to be carefully planned out, and reviewed by the facilities managers, then evaluated by the workers impacted, and finally, supported by a back-out or escape plan in case of an emergency.

Buchanan provided all new mechanical and electrical systems upgrades. The mechanical and electrical contracts each exceeded $1 million.  We replaced emergency back-up generators, installed seismic upgrades, and provided hazmat abatement services. We reconfigured spaces to accommodate new conference rooms,  training rooms, and kitchens to multiple masonry buildings.

Additional work included installing a high security barrier at the entrance to the facility, all new landscaping on the south side of the facility, and construction of an ornamental courtyard.

Buchanan facilitated the work while meeting strict security requirements.  Additional crews and processes were employed to protect sensitive equipment and to ensure that power was maintained at all times.  Safeguards included obtaining mid-level security clearances for the crew, scheduling escorts for secured  areas, implementing the most cost effective and least destructive design changes, and developing room-specific mobilization/backout plans in case of an emergency.

Dust and noise mitigation methods were implemented for over 50% of the spot locations because of proximity to sensitive equipment.  PSE operates under federal regulatory agencies which will impose severe liquidated damages and withdraw PSE’s licensing should the energy company fail to provide power.